Social Service

The Pious Associations of the Parish

The Group of Altar Servers

The Parish Youth Group

Vincent de Paul Society

The Group of Catechism Teachers

The Parish Choir Group

The Parish Council Group

The Parish Priests

Rev Fr John Sequeira

Rev Fr Leonard Arokiaraj

Total Number of Families = 187
Total Population = 800

Mass Timings


8-30 am

Week Days

7-10 am

Third Wednesday
Every Thursday
First Friday
First Saturday

6-00 pm

The Religious Congregations of the Parish

1. CSST (Carmelite Sisters of St. Teresa)

2. FSLG (Franciscan Sisters of Our Lady of Graces)

Feast Days

Holy Triduum:

30 Jan
31 Jan
01 Feb

Infant Jesus Feast:

02 Feb

St. Joseph, Husband of Mary

19 Mar

St Joseph’s Parish Feast:

II Sunday of May month preceded by the Holy Triduum

Nativity of Our Lady:

Holy Novena Starting from 30 Aug

Feast Day:

08 Sep

Educational Institutions

St John’s Montessori Education

St John’s Nursery School

St John’s Lower Primary School

St John’s Higher Primary School

St John’s High School

St John’s Composite P U College